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Staff Health and Mental Well-being Program

The integrated solution to provide health and psychological well-being services to your team with ease and confidentiality.

Survey and study of the working environment

Specialized workshops to meet the team's needs

Therapy and self-development sessions

About Labayh business

One destination for your team's psychological well-being

It is a package of services specialized in psychological health support and personal rehabilitation provided to beneficiaries and employees of entities wishing to promote and develop the working environment of their employees.

Importance of the employee's health and psychological well-being programmes and working environment

One destination for your team's psychological well-being

Global economy loses US $1 trillion annually due to depression and anxiety

$4 is earned per dollar spent in improving mental health and working environment

26 days a year is the rate of days when an employee with work stress or psychiatric disorder does not complete

The organization loses $1,000 4 to every staff member who suffers from psychiatric disorder or is less productive.

Take care of your employees' health, and take care of your clients

Why Labayh business

Staff Skills Development

Create an enabling and supportive environment for staff development and work within the system.

Enhancing Staff Loyalty

Give a positive character and promote an employer's interest in the psychological well-being of the employee.

Increase employee productivity

As a result of the highly professional work on removing constraints and taking into account the psychological aspects of the staff member, this is reflected in the staff member's performance within the system and productivity.

Raising awareness

Promote and raise awareness of the importance of psychological well-being and support the prevention aspect and take the lead on solutions before the problem occurs.

Staff stability and success

Working on aspects of an employee's psychological well-being promotes and contributes significantly to retaining talent and creating an attractive environment for them within organizations.


The user can use the application without revealing his identity.

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