Your Integrated Digital Clinic

Welcome as one of the licensed physicians and psychologists to offer sessions easily and privately via the app.

Why should I join Labayh ?

Complete Privacy

No other party is familiar with your conversations with customers, we guarantee you complete privacy with the customer.

Skill and Knowledge Development

To provide a vital community supportive of specialists, there are regular meetings and exchanges of knowledge among specialists.

Finance & Marketing

We bear the full burden of accounting and marketing, and provide specialists with excellent opportunities to show up and market for themselves through the app and its channels.

Virtual Clinic

You can set the right times for your appointments and communicate with customers at the right time and place for you.

Additional income

With no additional costs and no fees, you can communicate with customers and attract new customers through the platform.

Customer Service

Labayh provides professional and outstanding customer services, effective and 24/7 support for all professionals and customers.

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Are you a psychiatrist?

We at Labayh extend our hand to all licensed mental health professionals to cooperate and offer sessions via Labayh app.

Requirements for joining to Labayh therapists

Bachelor's degree in psychology, psychiatry fellowship or family medicine
Valid classification from Saudi Specialties Authority
Continuous clinical experience, two or more years in presenting psychological sessions